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This year in science we are going to be learning various topics by doing projects based on those topics. Project based learning gives the chance for students to practice research skills, reading, writing, time management, and independence to create a final product. We will begin by reviewing the scientific process then jump right in to research skills. The first project will be done as a group so that we can all learn how to do a research project and work within a timeline. I will make sure that they have all the tools they need to be successful researchers.
                           IMPORTANT DATES
                                                        1st Quarter
                                             August 6th-October 5th

Thursday August 2nd            5:30-7:00PM            Meet the Teacher
Monday August 6th               7:15-2:15PM            First Day of Class
Every Wednesday                 11:20AM                  Early Dismissal
Monday September 3rd         No School                Labor Day
Thursday October 4th           Parent Teacher         Early Dismissal
Friday October 5th                Conferences